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Good morning everyone! We had 2002...

Guest Contributor

Good morning everyone!


We had 2002 a 215 Express Cruiser and need help troubleshooting / fixing our fresh water pump.

It’s a ShurFlo 2.8 GPM (SeaRay part #: 1480433).

  • It starts fine but after running a few minutes it just stops.
  • After waiting 5 to 10 minutes it will usually starts again and runs again for a few minutes.

I could use help with the following:

  • Would a rebuilding kit help and, if so, would the Model # 447300 | Mfg # 94-238-04 be the correct one?
  • Since it’s about 20 years would it be better to just replace it and, if so, would the current SHURFLO–AQUA KING II 3.0GPM model be an exact replacement?
  • Any other suggestions?

Thanks and have a happy and safe 4th.



Rising Contributor
The symptoms sounds like a thermal issue.

How is the motor case temperature when CAREFULY hand touched, just prior to shutting down?

Here is the Pentair troubleshooting guide.

Guest Contributor

I appreciate your suggestions. I paid closer attention to the times. I found that, after the 3rd on/off cycle, I could not hold the motor more than a second or two since it had gotten so hot. Also noticed that the pressure was ok initially but on the other cycles got progressively lower and was “pulsating”.

Here are the details of the times:

Started after Stopped after
(minutes) (seconds) Comments
------------ --------- --------------
Right away 90 – 120 o Pressure ok,
o Motor not too hot

2-3 60 – 90 o Pressure lower,
o Motor warm
3-4 60 o Pressure even
o Clicking noise,
o Motor very hot
(could not hold)
4-6 60 Same as previous

Seems like I could ether try a rebuild kit or just purchase a new pump. I’m leaning toward getting a new pump. What do you think?

Thanks again for your help.


Rising Contributor

Thanks for the update.

It might be a bad pump, requiring replacement, but I suggest starting w/ more investigation.

How is the flow from the pump w/ the hose disconnected?

What happens when a garden hose w/ a small, fixed brass blaster jet nozzle is jammed into either the hull side outlet or into the inlet from the prior question, to flow garden hose water through the A/C condenser loop?

What happens when garden hose water is forced backwards through the pump / strainer / seacock?

Has the exterior hull scoop inlet been examined / cleaned? FWIW, I HATE those inlets. They are impossible to clean, even on the hard. I replaced all three of mine w/ regular mushroom inlets and Groco APHS inlets, properly bonded to the boat's bonding system.

Has the raw water strainer been opened, emptied and cleaned?

It would suck to replace the pump if the problem is caused by external flow restrictions.

Guest Contributor
Hi wingless,
I just wanted to say that I've learned an awful lot from you comments / suggestions on the various posts on this forum. Thank you for all your contributions.

As far as my water pump problem, I may not have accurately described the pump and problem. The pump is a small 2.8 GPM pump (see attached picture). It's fed from an 8 gal fresh water tank. There's no other input connections other than the sink sprayer and a stern sprayer.

Since it's 20 years old I'm think I might as well bight the bullet and replace the whole pump, rather than rebuilding it.

What do you think?

Thanks again for all your help,

Rising Contributor
Thanks very much.

Yes, a pump swap seems reasonable to remove / replace the problem.

The replacement setup should remain off until a tap is opened, otherwise indicates a leak.

Guest Contributor
Thanks and have a wonderful day