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Hello All! We are SO EXCITED to...

Guest Contributor

Hello All!


We are SO EXCITED to be here! Just purchased our Sundancer 370 and launched on Lake Powell. Home base is now Wahweap Marina K Dock. Anyone else in the area? Also, does anyone know where to get those funky shaped fitted sheets. Ours came with 1 original set and sure would like another. TIA!

Russell and Reena "Water Hazard"


Rising Contributor
Welcome to the forum.

Good luck w/ your new boat.

We use flat sheets and tuck. Another option would be to sew a flat sheet to the weirdazoid shape, but I haven't been so inclinded.

Guest Contributor
Congrats and you were fortunate to get a slip before the launch ramps close! We visit 3 times per year but store the boat in Big Water. My email is [email protected] and would love to communicate.